Land Rover bulkhead restoration


Is your restoration project being held up by a rotten bulkhead?  Does your bulkhead look like the ones above?  Tried to find a good second hand one and drawn a blank?  Then come and talk to me. I can salvage all but the rustiest bulkheads.  The bulkhead is sandblasted to expose all corrosion, which is cut out and replaced with new metal.  The bulkhead is then blasted again, hot zinc sprayed and seam sealed ready for painting.

This early Series IIA bulkhead has had new footwells, door pillars, mounting brackets and repair around the top corners.  Now ready for another 40 years' service.

The same bulkhead viewed from the other side.

Typical costs: Full restoration £650-750, 'new' (ex Defender) Series III bulkhead from £800 sadly no longer available as the supply of cheap TD5 bulkheads has dried up.  I can also modify new Defender bulkheads to fit older 90 and 110 vehicles - there are some small but significant differences.

Current turnround time for bulkheads is around 8-10 weeks, so book now to avoid disappointment.

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